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Le Superbe

€ 380,00

Le Superbe Ship Models

Available Dimensions:

  • Standard Quality (Grade C):
  • Dimension: Length 54cm x Width 17cm x Height 46cm
  • Superior Quality (Grade B):
  • Dimension: Length 85cm x Width 28cm x Height 67cm
  • Dimension: Length 120cm x Width 35cm x Height 87cm

Construction Details:

  • Hull: Crafted with a layer of Teak wood planks, ensuring robustness and durability.
  • Deck: Made from Acajou wood, providing a detailed and authentic look.
  • Wooden Elements: Masts and other deck pieces constructed from Teak and Acajou wood, reflecting skilled craftsmanship.
  • Metal Components: Sculptures, anchors, and cannons are molded in Zinc metal and meticulously painted.
  • Sails: Made from cotton, tinted in tea for a classic appearance.
  • Ropes: Constructed from cotton and nylon, waxed with beeswax for durability and a realistic rigging.

These Le Superbe Ship Models are perfect for collectors and enthusiasts who value historical accuracy and fine craftsmanship.