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La Licorne De Tintin

La Licorne De Tintin

La Licorne De Tintin Ship Models

La Licorne De Tintin, immortalized in the adventures of Tintin by Hergé, is more than just a fictional ship; it is a masterpiece in the world of handcrafted ship models. For enthusiasts and collectors alike, these models represent a pinnacle of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Grades and Dimensions

La Licorne De Tintin ship models are available in two grades, each offering a unique size and level of detail:

  • Superior Quality (Grade B):

    • Dimensions: Length 52cm x Width 20cm x Height 47cm
    • This grade offers a compact yet detailed representation of the ship, perfect for display in smaller spaces without compromising on craftsmanship.
  • Museum Quality (Grade A):

    • Dimensions: Length 85cm x Width 35cm x Height 72cm
    • Designed for the serious collector, this larger model showcases intricate details and is ideal for making a bold statement in any room.

Construction Details

Each model of La Licorne De Tintin is a testament to the artisan's skill and dedication:

  • Hull: Reinforced with a layer of fiberglass on the planks for durability, and painted with acrylic for a flawless, smooth finish.

  • Deck: Crafted from Oak wood, ensuring both authenticity and durability, while providing a classic appearance that mirrors the ship's historical charm.

  • Wooden Elements: Masts and various deck components are meticulously crafted from Teak, Acajou, and Beech wood, highlighting the model's intricate detailing and historical accuracy.

  • Metal Components: Sculptures, anchors, and cannons are molded from Zinc metal and meticulously painted to perfection, adding to the model's authenticity.

  • Sails: Made from cotton and tinted with tea, the sails bring an authentic touch to the model, capturing the essence of seafaring adventures.

  • Ropes: Rigging ropes are crafted from a blend of cotton and nylon, waxed with beeswax to ensure durability and to achieve a realistic appearance.

Ideal for Collectors and Enthusiasts

Whether you choose the compact Superior Quality model or the impressive Museum Quality version, La Licorne De Tintin ship models are crafted with precision and care, making them a prized addition to any collection. These models not only celebrate the adventurous spirit of Tintin but also embody the artistry of handcrafted ship modeling.

In conclusion, La Licorne De Tintin ship models are more than just replicas; they are a tribute to craftsmanship, history, and the enduring appeal of one of literature's most iconic ships.