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Ship model construction stages

Ship Skeleton

Stage 1


The Hull

Stage 2

The Hull


Stage 3


Stage 4


Stage 5

Canons & Anchors

Stage 6

Brass Pieces

Stage 7

Wooden Pieces

Stage 8

Completed Hull with small planks

Stage 9

The masts & Deed eyes

Stage 10


Stage 11

The Soleil Royal is ready

Stage 12


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About us

Few would expect to find a flourishing ship modelling industry located in a far-flung corner of the southern Indian Ocean. Yet, in Mauritius, the craft has a long tradition in a region where, during the late1590s, Dutch, French and British seafarers wrangled over the possession of that rather diminutive piece of terra firma.
And what the industry there manages to turn out is truly remarkable. The miniature ships are built with the greatest attention to detail. They find buyers from all over the world, primarily in France and Britain, but also in Germany, Italy, Russia and even China. Typically for Mauritius, a fairly inexpensive country by comparison to begin with, prices are within acceptable limits, which of course contributes to the popularity of the models launched there.

Ship modellers may be found all over the island, but the centre of the trade is in the provincial town of Curepipe, near the capital Port Louis. in Curepipe, which nicely translates as “pipe cleaner”, the Bobato (derived from the French for beaux bateaux, beautiful ships) company is the leading enterprise.


Born in 1992, Bobato (La Flotte Ltd) is a forward-looking company focused on building exclusive high quality ship models. We have customers all over the globe. Offering quality and reliable service, with a trust in our artisanal experience over the years.

Mauritius – The Paradise Island

No wonder Mark Twain said: “You gather that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”.

Crystal clear turquoise waters and soft white sandy beaches, thickly wooded mountain peaks which tower above sugar cane plains along a glorious coastline – that is the beautiful and pictureresque Indian Ocean island of Mauritius.

With over 28 years of experience in Shipmodel making, LaFlotte Ltd (Bobato Shipmodels), offers a wide range of uncomparable and unique exclusive hand madeshipmodels that will amaze you.