Zambezia Passsanger Cargo Boat 1949


Dimension: Length 80 x Width 13 x Height 31 cm.

Construction of the boat:

  • We place a layer of fiberglass on the hull‚Äôs planks and painted with acrylic paint.
  • Deck made with Beech wood.
  • Ornaments are made in zinc metal and painted.
  • Rigging made with cotton and nylon waxed in beeswax.


Zambezia Passsanger Cargo Boat 1949

Below, the SS ZAMBEZIA, which was the supply ship for the Chagos Archipelago in from 1934 – 1951. ZAMBEZIA was built in Middlesbrough, England, and launched in 1903.

Zambezia cargo ship was a steel single-screw steamer; 1281 Tons; Length 220 ft; Breadth 33 ft; Depth 10.9 ft.

Cargo Boat Model 1949

Zambezia Owned by Rogers & Co. (Colonial Steamships Co., Ltd) of Port Louis Mauritius. Scrapped and broken up in Karachi, June, 1951. Replaced by MV Mauritius.

A cargo  or freighter is a merchant ship that carries cargo, goods.

Most importantly, Cargo boat are usually specially designed for the task, often being equipped with cranes and other mechanisms.

In conclusion, you’ll find different types of cargo boats, learn more here.

General cargo vessels carry packaged items like chemicals, foods, furniture, machinery, motor- and military vehicles. Container ships (sometimes spelled containerships) are cargo ships that carry all of their load in truck-size intermodal containers. That is to say, they are a common means of commercial intermodal freight transport and now carry most seagoing non-bulk cargo.

Above all, tankers carry petroleum products or other liquid cargo, dry bulk carriers carry coal, grain, ore and other similar products in loose form. However, specialized types of cargo vessels include container ships and bulk carriers.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 92 × 23 × 41 cm