Yawl de plaisance


Yawl De Plaisance half-hull Model

Dimension Length 30cm X Width 13cm

Materiel used wood painted with acrylic.


Name: YawlYacht Model 

Type: Half Hull

Model: Yawl de plaisance, handcrafted by La flotte Ltée.

A yawl is a type of vessel.

There are numerous interpretations of the phrase. It might refer to the rig (or sailplan), the hull type, or the purpose of the vessel.

She is a two-masted, fore and aft rigged sailing vessel with the mizzen mast positioned abaft (behind) the rudder stock, or extremely near to the rudder stock in some cases. In contrast to a ketch, the mizzen mast is located forward of the rudder stock. The mizzen sail area on a yawl is substantially less than the equivalent sail area on a ketch.

As a hull type, can refer to a variety of open, clinker-built, double-ended traditional working craft that operated from British Isles beaches. These boats are thought to be inspired by the Viking or Nordic design traditions, nevertheless, the Norfolk and Sussex Beach (dubbed “yols” by the men who crewed them) were arguably the fastest-sailing open boats ever built.

She is a form of ship’s boat as well. Over time, the definition, size, number of oars, and sailing rig changed. This was a typical working boat carried by a ship during the period of sail. Locally, the term was sometimes applied to a working craft that did not suit any of the preceding descriptions. The Whitstable, a decked gaff-cutter-rigged fishing smack that dredged for oysters, is an example of this. Before “yawl” became a rig name, it was a hull type.  She is a double-ended, clinker-built open boat that can be propelled by sail or oar. Their design is thought to contain Viking or Norse influences. The majority were run from a beach or a tiny harbour, with the boat hauled out of the water when not in use.



Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 35 × 17 × 9 cm