Sailing Boat Trimaran

Dimension: Length 80 CM

Construction of the boat:

  • We place a layer of fiberglass on the hull’s planks and painted with acrylic paint.
  • The deck and the mast made with wood and painted with acrylic.
  • Ornaments made with Solid Brass also with wood.
  • Rigging and sail are made with cotton and nylon.

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    Sailing Boat Trimaran

    A trimaran (or double-outrigger) is a multihull boat.

    Comprises a main hull and two smaller outrigger hulls, which are attached to the main hull with lateral beams.

    They come from the traditional double in kayak hulls of the Austronesian cultures of Maritime Southeast Asia.

    In addition, to the Philippines and Eastern Indonesia, where it remains the best hull design.

    Firstly, The first double outrigger boats were developed by the Austronesian people.

    Moreover, still widely used today by traditional fisher men in maritime Southeast Asia.

    Secondly, Several manufacturers build trimarans in which the floats can be removed, repositioned, or folded near to the main hull.

    Additional information

    Weight 18 kg
    Dimensions 92 cm