Thonier De Groix


Dimension: Length 46cm X Width 46cm

The hull is made with Sapele wood and painted.

Cotton sails and the frame are made with Ravinale tree.


Name: Thonier de Groix 

Type: Half Hull

A tuna fishing boat is a fishing vessel specialized in tuna fishing. Thonier De Groix “tuna fishing” dates back to antiquity.

The origin of the albacore fishery using boats is very poorly known, but seems to be ancient.

However, In the Mediterranean, Thonier De Groix was for a long time mainly carried out with the help of traps.

The Basques traditionally practice this fishery aboard their txalupa.

The Vendée and Brittany fishermen use their sardine boats. Therefore, these small, open boats are designed for coastal fishing.

Moreover, the tuna dunce definitely acquired its characteristic slender shape.



Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 9 cm