Sovereign of the seas


Dimension: Length 15cm X Width 5cm X Height 13cm

Material use:  Hull molded with  resin.

Varnished and the rigging are handmade.


Name: Sovereign (1789 ship)

Type: Miniature model

sovereign ship was launched at Newcastle in 1789.

sovereign ship  traded between London and South Carolina and then as a transport.

In 1802 she became a Guineaman, i.e., a slave ship. Sovereign ship was wrecked on 22 January 1804 as she was returning from the West Indies where she had landed her slaves at Trinidad.

Sovereign of the Seas was a 17th-century warship of the English Navy. She was ordered as a 90-gun first-rate ship of the line of the English Royal Navy. Indeed,  at launch was armed with 102 bronze guns at the insistence of the king. It was later renamed HMS Sovereign, and then HMS Royal Sovereign at the Restoration of Charles II.

The elaborately gilded stern ordered by Charles I of England. Nevertheless, this meant enemy ships knew it as the “Golden Devil”. However, the sovereign of the Seas was ordered in August 1634 on the personal initiative of Charles I of England, as a prestige project.  Accordingly, Sovereign became leaky and defective with age during the reign of William III. Moreover, she was laid up at Chatham Dockyards for repairs late in 1695. She ignominiously ended her days, in mid January 1696, by being burnt to the water line as a result of having been set on fire by accident.


Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions24 × 13 × 22 cm