Soleil Royal Under Glass


Dimension: Length 27 x Width 10 x Height 17cm.

Material use : hull molded with resin.

Painted and rigging are handmade.

Casing made with Acajou wood.


French ship Soleil Royal (1670)

Soleil Royal ship (Royal Sun) was a French 104-gun ship of the line, flagship of Admiral Tourville.

Soleil Royal ship was built in Brest between 1668 and 1670 by engineer Laurent Hubac.

However, she was launched in 1669, and stayed unused in Brest harbour for years.

She was recommissioned with 112 guns and 1200 men when the¬†Nine Years’ War¬†broke out in 1688 as the flagship of the¬†escadre du Ponant¬†(squadron of the West).

The Royal Sun was said to be a good sailing ship and her decorations. Moreover, amongst the most beautiful and elaborate of all baroque flagships.

The emblem of the “sun” had been chosen by Louis XIV¬†as his personal symbol.

Soleil Royal was recommissioned with 112 guns and 1200 men when the Nine Years’ War broke out.¬†¬†Soleil Royal¬†became a traditional name for capital ships of the¬†Ancien R√©gime, and¬†several ships¬†bore it afterwards.

The Battle of Beachy Head (known in French as “Bataille de B√©veziers”) began in the morning of the 10 July 1690 when the French surprised the English ships anchored. Soleil Royal led the center of the French formation.

Soleil Royal became a traditional name for capital ships of the Ancient Régime, and several ships bore it afterwards.


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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 32 × 15 × 22 cm