St Geran Size 1


Dimension: Length 53 x Width 16 x Height 45 cm.

 Grade B / Quality Superior

Construction of the boat:

  • We place a layer of plank on the hull, Teak wood.
  • Decks made with small planks of Beech wood.
  • Masts and other pieces on the deck are made Teak and Acajou wood.
  • The figurehead, anchors, and canons are molded in Zinc metal and painted.
  • The Cotton sails tinted in tea.
  • Ropes are cotton and nylon waxed in the bee wax to do the rigging


Saint GéranShip Model

Origin: France

Year: 1736

The Saint-Géran is a ship of the French East India Company, launched in Lorient on July 11, 1736, which sank in 1744 on the island of Amber in the north-east of the island of France, the present island Maurice, while on his fourth voyage under the direction of Captain Richard de Lamarre (or La Marre).

Saint Géran “Maquette de bateau”

A landmark event in island history, it inspired Bernardin de Saint-Pierre with the story of Paul and Virginie, in which the eponymous young heroine was drowned, at the end of the book, in the sinking of the building. , for want of having removed his clothes. His wreck is today a scuba diving site. His bell is at the naval museum of Mahébourg. It owes its name to Saint Géran maquette, bishop of Auxerre in the 10th century.

Therefore, the description of this shipwreck is a page of anthology of the French literature. Nevertheless, It was the passenger Louise Augustine Caillou (1724-1744) who inspired Virginie’s death.

A Creole from Bourbon (Reunion Island), she was the daughter of Louis Caillou, a surgeon-major with the East India Company. In addition, Saint Géran maquette was engaged to Louis de Longchamp Montendre, first ensign on board the Saint Géran maquette. When the ship sank, Montendre threw himself into the water to show her that it was possible to reach the coast by clinging to a piece of wood.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 63 × 26 × 55 cm