Sailing Boat


Dimension: Length 76cm X Width 13cm X Hight 100cm

The hull made of Fiber glass and painted with Acrylic paint.

Mast will be dismantled for the packaging.


Toy for  children as from 12 years old.

Play on water,  it has a rudder, once in the water, it goes by itself due to the wind and very often you will have to place a string behind the boat to be able to bring it back.

Name: Sailing Boat Cadet Optimist

Type: Half Hull

A sailboat or sailing boat is a boat partly or entirely by sails and is smaller than a sailing ship.

Distinctions in what constitutes a sailing boat and ship vary by region and maritime culture.

Sailboat terminology has varied across history, many terms have specific meanings in the context of modern yacht.

However, sailboats are monohulls, but  catamarans and trimarans are gaining popularity. This stabilizing ballast can, in boats designed for racing, be as much as 50% of the weight of the boat, but is generally around 30%. It creates two problems; one, it gives the monohull tremendous inertia, making it less maneuverable and reducing its acceleration.

A dinghy is a type of small open sailboat commonly used for recreation, sail training, and tending a larger vessel. On a sailboat, the word “keel” is also used to refer to the area that is added to the hull to improve its lateral plane.

Additional information

Weight4.5 kg
Dimensions85 × 20 × 30 cm