Wooden Yole Rowing Boat


Dimension: Length 77 x Width 5.5 x Height 2.3 cm.

Construction of the boat:

  • Hull made with Teak wood.
  • Deck made with Beech wood.
  • The oars made Teak wood.


Yole Rowing Boat

Rowing Boat yole is a sport of speed and gliding in long, tapered carbon fiber, wood or composite boats.

The rower sits above the water level on a rolling seat (a slide) and turns his back to the forward direction of the boat.

The oars (‘oars’) are used to propel the boat, which does not have a generic name.

Depending on the type of boat, the rower uses.

The beginning of rowing is clouded in history but the use of oars. For example, they are used today can be traced back to ancient Egypt.

However, archaeologists have recovered a model of a rowing vessel in a tomb dating back to the 18-19th century. Moreover, the model they found was of a wide boat with shallow bottom, rather like a barge.

That is to say, in Egypt, Rowing Boat yole vessels, especially galleys, were extensively used in naval warfare. During the classical age of oared galleys, the Greeks dominated the Mediterranean while the Athenians dominated the other Greeks. Rowing, sometimes called crew in the United States, is the sport of racing boats using oars. After that, It differs from paddling sports in that rowing oars are attached to the boat using oarlocks.


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 86 × 15 × 15 cm