Roter Lowe


Dimensions: Length 72 x Width 28 x Height 59 cm.

Grade B / Quality Superior

Construction of the boat:

  • We place a layer of plank on the hull, Sapele wood.
  • Decks made with small planks of Oak wood.
  • Mast and other pieces on the deck are made Acajou wood.
  • Sculptures, anchors, and canons are molded in Zinc metal and painted.
  • The Cotton sails tinted in tea.
  • Ropes are cotton and nylon waxed in the bee wax to do the rigging.



Roter Lowe Ship Model

Origin: Dutch

Year: 1597

Roter Löwe (also Güldener Löwe, Goldener Löwe, Der Rothe Leu, Rother Löwe, Roth-Löwe or Goldener Leu) was the name of a galleon that was in Prussian military service from 1601 to 1608.

Roter Lowe ship, was the name of a galleon that was in Prussian military service from 1601 to 1608. However, the Galleon Roter Lowe was built in the Netherlands in 1597 and was bought by the council of Konigsberg. Therefore,  Roter Lowe ship was in service as a vendettas-boat in Pillau from 1602 to 1605 under Captain Peter Hintze’s command. The sizes of the Roter Löwe are unknown.

However, on the ground of the tonnage of 240tons and the construction methods at that time. Roter Lowe ship model, also call the Galleon Roter lowe or Mamoli Ship.

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 82 × 38 × 69 cm