Rainbow Yacht 1934 J-Class


Rainbow Yacht J-Class 1934.

Dimension: Length 45cm X Width 16cm

Materiel used wood painted with acrylic.


Name: Rainbow Yacht J-Class 1934

Type: Half Hull

Model : Yacht J-Class

Year: 1934

Rainbow was a J-class yacht built in 1930 that successfully defended the America’s Cup in 1934.

Harold Vanderbilt commissioned it, and William Starling Burgess designed it. Rainbow was decommissioned in 1940.

A J-Class yacht (also known as a “J-boat”) is a single-masted racing yacht.

She was designed to Nathanael Herreshoff’s Universal Rule standards.

The J-Class are regarded as the pinnacle racers of the era.

After that, when the Universal Rule determined America’s Cup candidacy.

The J-Class is one of numerous racing boat classes derived from the Universal Rule.

The rule was introduced in 1903 and rates both double-masted and single-masted races.

The rule was used to decide eligibility for the Americas Cup from 1914 through 1937.

Nevertheless, the trend toward smaller boats in the late 1920s, consensus among American yacht clubs. As a result, in rule revisions such that after 1937.

The International Rule would be applied for 12 Metre class boats. In addition, the steel and lead had become valuable to the war effort.

Moreover,  most J-Class boats were demolished before to or during World War II.

J-Class racing was regarded far too expensive in the postwar era.

Therefore, no bid for the America’s Cup was mounted until 1958.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 21 × 9 cm