Dimension : L 20x W 4.5x H 22 cm

Small Pirogue | Superior quality; Model. Perfect gift for your love ones.

Use of materials: the camphor wood hull and the mast will be dismantled for packing for packing.

The hull is made of Camphier wood and the mast will be dismantled for packing.


Pirogue Maquette de bateau

De ile Maurice – ” Boat Model of Mauritius”| L 20x W 4.5x H 22 cm

May also known as Canoe or Dugout. A boat model of Mauritius Island.

It is a magnificent wooden reproduction of a traditional boat used by Mauritian fishermen.

Most importantly,  a true masterpiece of local craftsmanship that reflects the history and culture of this island paradise.

The pirogue is a flat-bottomed boat with a triangular sail that sails on the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

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Weight 1 kg

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