Pirogue L28


Dimension : L 28x W 6x H 33 cm

Small Pirogue | Superior quality; Model. Perfect gift for your love ones.

Use of materials: the camphor wood hull and the mast will be dismantled for packing for packing.

The hull is made of Campier wood and the mast will be dismantled for packing.

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Pirogue L28

” Boat Model of Mauritius”

May also known as Canoe or Dugout. A boat model of Mauritius Island.

It is a magnificent wooden reproduction of a traditional boat used by Mauritian fishermen.

Most importantly,  a true masterpiece of local craftsmanship that reflects the history and culture of this island paradise.

The pirogue is a flat-bottomed boat with a triangular sail that sails on the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

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