Le Superbe Size 3


Dimension: Length 120 x Width 35 x Height 87 cm.

Grade B / Quality Superior

Construction of the boat:

  • We place a double layer of plank on the hull, Teak wood.
  • Decks made with small planks of Sapele wood.
  • Masts and others pieces on the deck are made Teak, Acajou and Beech wood.
  • Sculptures, anchors, and canons are molded in Zinc metal and painted.
  • Cotton sails tinted in tea.
  • Ropes are cotton and nylon waxed in the bee wax to do the rigging.


Le Superbe Ship Model

Origin: France

Year: 1784

The Superbe ship model was a Téméraire class 74-gun ship of the French Navy built in Brest over 2 years and launched in 1784.

Le Superbe ship model architect was the famous Jacques-Noël Sané. Le superbe design was typical of the ships of the French fleet of the time.

In addition, three-masted with two decks, open galleries, a copper-sheated hull and extreme maneuverability. Moreover, 700 men were needed to run Le superbe.

However, following the launching of Le superbe, was a period of great battles against the British fleet, during 3 decades. Nevertheless, many were captured by the British Navy.

Most importantly, Sané’s talent and the quality of her design. She was confirmed as her characteristics became common in the design of enemy ships.

Firstly, The British naval Historian William James said, not only was she the biggest and the most beautiful ship that ever sailed. Despite her great size she was as maneuverable as a frigate.

In 1787, Superbe ship model was the flagship of the Escadre d’évolution under Nieuil. She took part in the Croisière du Grand Hiver, where she sank due to a leak. Her crew were rescued by Pierre Maurice Julien de Quérangal. At least twelve ships of the French Navy have borne the name Superbe (“Superb”).

In conclusion, In 1795 she took part in a French winter naval campaign (‘Campaign of the Great Winter’) where she sank due to a leak.

Additional information

Weight27 kg
Dimensions130 × 45 × 97 cm