Dimension: Length 55 x Width 15 x Height 55 cm

Grade B / Quality Superior

Construction of the boat:

  • We place a layer of fiberglass on the hull’s planks and painted with acrylic paint.
  • Decks made with small planks of Teak wood.
  • Masts and other pieces on the deck are made Teak and Acajou wood.
  • Sails are made with cotton.
  • Ropes are cotton and nylon waxed in the bee wax to do the rigging.


Langoustier “Maquette de bateau”

Origin: France

Langoustier is a boat equipped for the fishing of crayfish.

For fishing distance, these last exceed 50 barrels. The most part are equipped with a fish tank put in the center and supported in constant communication with the sea. The modern ship is 30 meters long and can load living crayfishes from 30 to 40 tons in the fish tank.

Langoustier Ship Model

The term Langoustier also indicates nets in the form of deep scales to take crayfishes. Long of around thirty meters, they are vertically wet on the fund of sand surrounded with rocks.

They are installed during the day and raised the following day.

A lobster boat is a boat equipped for lobster fishing. However, langoustier boat are variable according to the ports of armament: sloops, cutters, dundees. Firstly, for distant water fishing, the latter exceed 50 tons. Most importanly, lots of them were equipped with a fish tank placed in the center and kept in constant communication with the sea. Since the beginning of the 18th century. After that, sailing vessels equipped with a live well have been collecting live crustaceans. As a result, modern lobster boats are 30 meters long and can carry 30 to 40 tons of live lobsters. In addition, as attested by the reports of Le Masson du Parc (1728), as well as Duhamel du Monceau’s Traité des Pesches, 40 years later.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 25 × 65 cm