CSS Alabama


Dimension: Length 80 x Width 21 x Height 46 cm.

Grade B / Quality Superior

Construction of the boat:

  • We place a double layer of plank on the hull, Teak wood.
  • Decks made with small planks of Oak wood.
  • Masts and other pieces on the deck are made Teak, Acajou and Beech wood.
  • Anchors are molded in Zinc metal and painted.
  • Cannons turned into Solid Brass.
  • Cotton sails are tinted in the tea.
  • Ropes are cotton and nylon waxed in the bee wax to do the rigging.


CSS Alabama Ship Model

Origin: American

Year: 1862

Builder: John Laird Sons & Company

CSS Alabama Ship Model was a screw sloop of war built in 1862 for the Confederate States Navy. There CSS Alabama were build at Birkenhead on the River Mersey opposite Liverpool, England by John Laird Sons and Company. Most importantly, CSS Alabama Ship Model served as a successful commerce raider. Firstly, by attacking the Union merchant and naval ships over the course of her two-year career. After that, she never docked at a Southern port. Unfortunately, She was sunk in June 1864 by USS Kearsarge at the Battle of Cherbourg outside the port of Cherbourg, France.

Nevertheless, the construction was arranged by the Confederate agent Commander James Bulloch. He led the procurement of sorely needed ships for the fledgling Confederate States Navy. Moreover, a contract was arranged through the Fraser Trenholm Company. Finally, Under prevailing British neutrality law, it was possible to build a ship designed as an armed vessel. In addition, it wasn’t actually armed until after it sailed into international waters. However, In light of this loophole, Alabama was built with reinforced decks for cannon emplacements. For example, ammunition magazines below water level, etc., but the builder stopped short of fitting her out with armaments or any “warlike equipment”.


Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 31 × 56 cm