Dimensions: Length 85 x Width 18 x Height 40 cm.


The construction of the ship:

• The hull is made of wood and a layer of fiber glass on the wooden hull and painted with acrylic paint.
• The deck is made of small planks of Teak wood and varnished.
• The cabin and other pieces are made of wood Sapele and painted.
• Some pieces are molded in Zinc metal and painted.
• The ornaments are molded and turning in solid brass.
• The model is presented on a glass base and two Brass Pion on each side.

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     Calypso Ship Model

    Origin: France

    Year: 1942

    The Calypso underwater camera is named after this ship

    Class and type: British Yard Minesweeper

    Calypso ” Maquette bateau “.

    Calypso Ship Model is a British Royal Navy, converted into research ship. Therefore, the researcher name was Mr. Jacques Cousteau.

    All the above, Calypso Ship Model  was build by te ballard Marine railway company, in seattle, Washington.

    In addition, She was commissioned into the Royal Navy in February 1943 as HMS J-826.

    After that, she was laid up at Malta, after the end of world War 2.

    Finaly, She was towed to the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle.

    Most importantly, Calypso carried advanced equipment. Including one- and two-man mini submarines developed by Cousteau.

    In conclusion, On 8 January 1996, a barge accidentally rammed Calypso and sank her in the port of Singapore.

    Meanwhile, she was raised by a 230-foot (70 m) crane, patched, and pumped dry.

    Therefore, She was caring the following: two mini sub marines, saucers, under water scooters.

    Moreover, Underwater camera is named after this ship.

    Nevertheless, One of the more unusual explore involving the ship  was a survey of Abu Dhabi.

    On the other hand, Cousteau on behalf of British Petroleum (BP) in 1954 – the first and last time used for oil survey.

    Additional information

    Weight 32 kg
    Dimensions 95 × 28 × 40 cm