America 1851 half hull


Dimension: Length 45cm X Width 16cm

Material used: Teak and beech wood


Name: America 

Type: half hull

Year: 1851

America 1851 half hull (also known as a “half hull” or “half ship”).

Featuring only one half of a boat’s hull without rigging or other fixtures.

America 1851 half hull was a 19th-century racing yacht and first winner of the America’s Cup.

The Squadron’s “One Hundred Sovereign Cup” or “£100 Cup”.

Therefore, mistakenly known in America as the “One Hundred Guinea Cup.

Renowned worldwide for their expertise in maneuvering the shoals around.

Brown had sailed aboard the pilot boat Mary Taylor.

He chose as first mate Nelson Comstock, a newcomer to yacht racing.

America left New York on June 21, 1851, and arrived at Le Havre on July 11 /1851.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 21 × 9 cm