Amel Super Maramu Dark Blue


Dimension: Length 48 x Width 11 x Height 60 cm.

Construction of the boat :

  • Hull is painted with Acrylic paint.
  • Cotton sails.


Amel Super Maramu Yachts

Riggin type: Masthead Ketch

Chantiers Amel is a French shipyard founded by Henri in 1965.

Based in La Rochelle, they are known for its production of ocean-going sailboats.

The Amel super maramu is a two masted sailboat with a mainmast that is taller than the mizzen mast.

A mizzen mast that is stepped forward of the rudder post.

The ketch differs from the yawl in that its mizzen mast is stepped forward of the rudder post.

On the other hand,  the yawl’s mizzen mast is stepped aft of the rudder post. Ketch rigs were commonly used on bigger yachts and working watercraft.

The word ketch is derived from the word catch. The main mast on a ketch is typically stepped forward on the sailboat. On May 8, 1902, Armel narrowly avoided the Mount Pelée eruption in Saint-Pierre.



Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55 × 18 × 17 cm