Frequently Asked Questions​

Where our model boats are made?

All ship models are manufactured in Mauritius.

Why choose Bobato ship model ?

We build our models with the utmost respect for all the skills required to build custom models.

However, Ship Model are made for private boat owners and vintage boat enthusiasts. Most importantly, our collections are produced within 2 months.

On the other hand, for customized ship models the time may vary.

Nevertheless, a painstaking effort is taken to bring every details to life.
That is to be say, we have years of experience in assembling model boats of all kinds.
We are able to offer you high quality custom products.

Quotation & documents required ?

Therefore, we can work on the basis of photos, drawings, plans and 3D data.

The minimum requirement is to provide us with a clear photo in different angle of the boat you want to build.

Question 3


Follow the production of a model

Firstly, during the whole production process, our customers receive regular images of the current state of production.

Secondly, they participate in all phases of the realization. Moreover, during the manufacturing process, if necessary, we can make changes or additions.


Model ships assembled

Therefore, some pre-assembled models come fully assembled.

On the other hand, some pre-assembled models arrive with the masts detached to reduce shipping costs.

However, this can be easily reassemble in 30 minutes.


Types of boats can we make

However, we build all types of boat models.

For example, Sailing boats, motor boats, cargo ships, ocean liners and historical warships.

As a result, models of any length and scale can be requested.


Ship worldwide

As a result, delivery has been made over more than 50 countries.


Delivery process

Our ship models are packed from our Warehouse in Mauritius.

After that, sent via our local post for models under 1 meter. On the other hand, for bigger sized ship models more than 1metre, they are delivered by our Maritime agent.