This 130ft J Class sloop was launched in 1934. Designed and built by Camper & Nicholsons, England as one of the yachts to challenge the America's Cup she dominated the British racing scene for many years and was always renowned as the most beautiful J ever built. After those early glorious days of racing, Endeavour, like many of the other Js was abandoned.

Until 1984 when American Yachtswoman Elizabeth Meyer set about Endeavour's five year restoration. Endeavour is now an almost total rebuild, although her lines and quality of workmanship are consistent with the original. In all other ways, she is a modern yacht with aluminum mast and boom, hydraulic winches, powerful engine, generators, bow thrusters, etc., as well as all the latest navigation and entertainment equipment.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
YEN154 75 x 12 x 97 cm Painted
YEN159 75 x 12 x 97 cm Painted
YEN160 89 x 15 x 115 cm Painted
YEN161 115 x 19 x 142 cm Painted
YEN162 75 x 13 x 97 cm Varnished
YEN163 125 x 21 x 155 cm Varnished
YEN164 75 x 13 x 97 cm Painted