The Galleon Roter Lowe was built in the Netherlands in 1597 and was bought by the council of Konigsberg. It was in service as a vendettas-boat in Pillau from 1602 to 1605 under Captain Peter Hintze's command. The sizes of the Roter Löwe are unknown; however, on the ground of the tonnage of 240tons and the construction methods at that time, it was possible to reconstruct a ship having a length of 28 meters from prow to stern and a width of about 8 meters. Equipment: 12 iron guns on the lower deck - 4 guns to launch stone balls on the deck and 2 other for the retreat - 4 culverins. Crew: estimated at 30 hands.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
ROL103 72 x 28 x 59 cm Varnished