Built in shipyard under the name of PICARDIE, renamed FRANCE before her launching, the second ship to bear this name within the company. At the time, the largest French steamer, her dimensions having been imposed by those of the docks in Le Havre. The only French steamer with 4 funnels. FRANCE leaves Le Havre for her maiden trip on April 20, 1912, that is to say 5 days after the shipwreck of TITANIC.

It should be noted that the lifeboats of FRANCE have, from the putting into service, a sufficient capacity to accommodate all the passengers and the members of crew. The steamer will carry out all her career on the line Le Havre-New York. The luxury and the style of her accommodations will be worth to her the nickname of "Versailles of the Atlantic" (or "Château of the Atlantic", according to the sources). Leaves Le Havre on April 15 1935, that is to say less than one month before the maiden arrival of NORMANDIE, to be demolished.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
PAF092 160 x 19 x 40 cm Painted