Built in Bordeaux in 1799, she was sent out to Mauritius the same year under the command of captain Tandin. On her arrival at Port Louis the agents for the vessel offered the command to Robert Surcouf, a young corsair from Saint-Malo who had operated out of Mauritius for a couple of years. La Confiance captured the 1200 ton British Fast Indiaman "KENT", although this vessel was more heavily armed and with over twice the number of men aboard, Surcouf succeeded in capturing her after a fierce hand to hand fight. The "KENT" was brought back for Port Louis and was later sold to a Danish merchant. Surcouf left Port Louis in January 1801 and arrived at la Rochelle 72 days later with a cargo valued at 2000000 francs. La Confiance was captured off the African coast in 1803.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
LCO203 110 x 27 x 81 cm Varnished