The "Sovereign of the sea", a masterpiece which can be considered at least 150 years ahead of its time with the length of 127 feet and width of 48 feet. It's the ship which Charles I wanted in the year 1634. Three years later it was launched and its ornaments which represent imaginary portraits and many heraldic coat-of-arms were so splendid that the Dutch called it the "Golden Devil". The end of the "Sovereign of the sea" was not due to war action. It caught fire as a result of an overturned candle in 1696 on the Medway River. The "Sovereign of the sea" was certainly the most perfect and extraordinary model ever built by a man.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
SOS123 85 x 34 x 66 cm Varnished and painted
SOS124 105 x 43 x 87 cm Varnished and painted