Launched in the year 1638 at "Roche-Bernard" the French vessel "LA COURONNE" was constructed based on scientific instructions of the priest Fournier's theoretical manual which is the hydrography. Richly decorated with sculptures made of painted wood on her stem and on her quarterdeck "LA COURONNE" had also some galleries with large rear windows in form of arcs. She was in fact, three masts galleon with 80 fire-guns placed along a hulk of 50.7m and a maximum of 14.9 widths. Her main deck was 6m deep while the surface of its sails measured about 2000m2 and she was constructed in such a way, which allowed her to fire on the galleys in any direction. Giving always the best of herself during her time in the French navigation, "LA COURONNE" afterward served as a model for the construction of many other vessels.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
LCN078 85 x 31 x 60 cm Varnished
LCN079 80 x 32 x 65 cm Varnished