In 1750, her Majesty Antoine Louise de Rouille of Joury ordered the construction of four vessels named 'CHEBEC". Two among them, "LE REQUIN" and "INDISCRET" weighed 260 tonnages with an armament of 24 cannons, while the other two the "RUSE" and the "SERPENT" had only 150 tonnages with an armament of 18 cannons.

The "CHEBEC", a name which was associated not only with attacks and exploits, was also a very good battle wind-jammer. Here, it should be noted that it was on this type of vessel that the Captain Bavastro of Nice fought against two English vessels. With a length of 79m and a width of 23m, the French "CHEBEC" remained one of the best sailing vessels of Europe in the XVIII century. She had many similarities with other galleys.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
CHE048 67 x 13 x 55 cm Varnished
CHE049 95 x 20 x 70 cm Varnished
CHE050 145 x 30 x 97 cm Varnished
CHE051 200 x 41 x 140 cm Varnished