The ASTROLABE was a 380 tons corvette that was launched in 1811 under the name "LA COQUILLE". She was used to chart the Mediterranean Sea, Black sea and in 1822 she set out on her first world voyage under the command of Lieutenant-Commander Duperrey. Then in 1825 she was renamed l'ASTROLABE in memory of La Perouse. At that time she set sailed on her second voyage of discovery under the command of captain Dumont d'Urville. On 26th of February 1828 Captain Dumont d'Urville discovered the place in Vanikoro where the ships of La Perouse had been stranded.

On 7th of September 1837 after lengthy preparations, L'ASTROLABE set sail accompanied by Zelee and headed towards Terra del Fuego and the Atlantic Ocean. However, it was only on his second expedition that Dumont d'Urville discovered a country in the Antarctica which he named "Terre Adelaide" according to his wife's name. L'ASTROLABE completed her last voyage between 1844 and 1850 along the coasts of South America.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
AST020 60 x 17 x 44 cm


AST021 85 x 26 x 62 cm Varnished
AST022 115 x 32 x 88 cm


AST024 115 x 32 x 88 cm Varnished & Painted
AST025 85 x 26 x 62 cm Varnished & Painted