Albatross, originally named Albatros, later, was a sailing ship built as a schooner at the state shipyard in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in 1920, to serve as a pilot boat in the North Sea. The slender shape of the hull and the relatively smooth lines of the deck were copied from the French frigates, which frequently sailed into ports on the American coast during the war of independence.

The first schooners, which were built in Baltimore, quickly established themselves on both coasts of the USA and later in other areas as well. On the west coast, they were used for carrying timber and on the east coast mainly ship coal.

Reference # Dimensions (LxWxH) Color
ALB001 40 x 11 x 30 cm Varnished
ALB003 55 x 16 x 40 cm Varnished
ALB005 70 x 20 x 50 cm Varnished