About Us


Bobato exists since 1992 when Mr. Kadress Soobaroyen started to make ship models in a small place at Vacoas, during that time the business grow up and have built a large collections of models boats for customers. He settled up his own company La Flotte ltd in the year 2000 and move to a new place at 53A, sir John Pope Henessy St. Curepipe, Mauritius Island. Over the years the company have realized many Custom models boats built and Historical models.
The company provide a highly service customer’s needs.
Mauritius Handcrafted Ship Models

We invite you to browse our wide range of models boats, Marine Gift. La Flotte Ltee (BOBATO) is a renowned company having more than twenty years of experienced. A team of 12 persons dedicated in the manufacturing wooden models boats. Our team specialized to build models boats and molding pieces, turning brass, wooden pieces, such as Cannon, Winch, Deadeyes, Anchors, and Figureheads also.

Our boat Models

They work out of original plans to build the historical models boats (Frigate). We make it a duty respecting the maximum detail while realizing a model from start to finish. Each plan is carefully studied, all the measurement, pattern making, and details are taken into consideration. We sell in our showroom (In Mauritius Island) and through website are inspected thoroughly before packing and sending process to its respective destination. We are constantly striving to better serve our clients by producing models boats replica, nautical décor, and marine gif at affordable prices. We are proud of our business and guarantee total satisfaction with our products and services.

Workshop-About Us

Skill Workshop

Our work shop have twelve skill craftsmen cabinet-makers. They have been experienced in over years this is why LA FLOTTE LTEE (bobato) is renowned for his well-defined and accurate ship models such as Modern Boats, Motors Boat , Modern Yacht , Historical Ship Model , Modern Sailing Boats , J class Model Yacht , Modern Military models, liners & Cruise ship , Maritime Scientific Explorer Ship and Maritime school ship model. Our artisans even work on images to replicate Custom ranges Boat as plans are not often available. Thence redraw the hull ‘’the skeleton, the keel and all the pieces which are found on the deck of the boat based on the images.

Refined Material Used

Workshop About Us

Our boat are wooden such as the hull, mast and other pieces are in Teak wood, Rosewood, Ebony, Oak, and Wenge wood. The metal accessories of the boat are in solid brass such as Propeller, Winch, Cannons, and Gun port. The Figurehead, Anchor, and all the decorations are in zinc molded metal. Cotton clothes are used as sails and rigging cotton & Nylon waxed in beeswax. Most of the time the finishing are painting and varnished according to the client. For painted model we placed a layer of fiber glass on the wooden hull before painting to get a better finish and have a solid hull. For the models varnished, we use clear natural varnish.

The boat owners, shipyards and the passionates of the historical model ships, we are available to provide you a quote.