Custom Models

Welcome to the maker of models boats "Bobato"

Over Fifteen Years LA FLOTTE LTEE (Bobato) manufacture custom models boats such as Catamaran, Fishing Boat, Modern Sailing boats, Trimaran, Waaschip, Frigate etc.. Which have made our team to enrich their Knowledge in tailored models boats.

Our client have a trustworthy to us as we provide them some detailed pictures step by step to see the progression about their models boats in our workshop.

These models boats are Exceptional, it takes two or three months to realize it and the prices depend on the complexity of the prospective boat, the size and details of works.

The boat owner, shipyards, yachting club and the passionate of the historical model boats, we are disposal to provide you a quote, and we need details pictures.

Images of Profile, Deck, Stern, Hull, Keel of the boat etc.

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